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Conditions for e-conomic referral partner-program

§ 1. Introduction
These conditions regulate the cooperation between e-conomic and the referral partner participating in e-conomic referral partner-program. In the cooperation, the referral partner promotes and expose the full range of e-conomic products. e-conomic provides the referral partner with access to relevant information and advertising material through the e-conomic referral partner-program.

§ 2. Non-disclosure
All information available in the partner-program, are for the referral partners internal use only. These information’s, and the login(s) that the referral-partner receives from e-conomic, is strictly confidential and must not in any way be shared with or handed over to third parties. If this is violated in any way, e-conomic will take legal actions immediately.

§3. Referral information
The referral partner is responsible for providing e-conomic with the complete, correct and updated contact and company information, bank account and tax-number. If a person (and not a registered company) participates as a referral partner, he/she must be of full legal capacity and have the minimum age of 18 years. In case of any change in the ownership of the company that participates as a referral partner in e-conomic partner-program, the referral partner is obliged to inform e-conomic immediately.

§ 4. Statistics and documentation
The number of sales that the referral will be paid for, are the number measured by e-conomic and listed in e-conomic partner-program, see also § 5 - Conditions for payment. The documentation for, and details around these figures, will be available in the referral partner-program. Leads will be washed on a regular basis, and all duplicates and incomplete or incorrect registrations will be sorted out and not paid for.

§5. Conditions for payment
e-conomic will calculate and make payment for executed sales and demos on a quarterly basis. Payment will first occur if/when e-conomic receive payment from the referred clients. The amount will be calculated after the end of every fiscal quarter, (March, June, September, and December) when e-conomic has received payment for the next three month from the respective clients. Hereafter, e-conomic will make payment to the referral partner within 30 days. All sales are paid on a performance based price model. The Referrals price for a specific module is available online in the e-conomic partner-program. e-conomic can’t make any guarantees for payment from clients.

§ 6. Referral media and advertising methods
The referral partner is responsible for executing his advertising activity through e-conomic within the limits of national legislation in the respective countries, and not to violate third parties property rights, including intellectual property. It is strictly prohibited for the referral partner to expose e-conomic advertising material together with content (or in a context) that in any way can be considered as having an erotic, pornographic, offending, racist, illegal or violent character. The referral partner is furthermore neither permitted to expose or run e-conomic campaigns in connection with marketing methods and/or software that in any way can be regarded as having one or more of the following characteristics:

         1. Ad-ware
         2. Spy-ware
         3. Internet virus
         4. Trojan horses
         5. Browser hijacking or similar programmes
         6. SEM (Google Adwords etc.)

Any violation of this will result in an immediately exclusion from the program, and all claims regarding payments will be forfeit. If referral-partner exposes e-conomic campaigns in e-mail based newsletter marketing, the national legislation regarding unsolicited e-mailing has to be obeyed. e-conomic cannot be held responsible for referral partner’s violation of national legislation. Partner is also solely responsible for any legal liability arising out of, or relating to the content in the partner’s media(s) or any material or content that the users can link to through partner’s media(s)

§ 7. Advertising material
When exposing campaigns through e-conomic, the referral partner is not permitted to change the design, shape, or size of the campaign material (logos, images, graphic files), without specific permission from e-conomic. Violation of this can result in exclusion from the partner-program. It is allowed for the refferal partner to change and write new text material in consistent with § 6. Referral media and advertising methods.

§ 8. Technical liability and warranty
e-conomic is not liable for any losses for referral partner caused by the cooperation with e-conomic. This includes losses because of malfunction of e-conomic or third party websites, internet-services, software, hardware or technical problems with the Internet.
§ 9. Fraud or manipulation
Any attempt to manipulate e-conomic partner-program in any manner, hereunder performance data and registration of leads and/or sales, will result in an immediately exclusion from the program. e-conomic will also take legal actions immediately, and all claims regarding payments will be forfeit.

§ 10. Registration and storage of user data
e-conomic will register and store IP number and other registration-data on the users responding to campaigns run through e-conomic. These data can be used for validation of lead-registration and sales.

§ 11. Duration and termination of cooperation
The cooperation is ongoing until terminated by one of the parties. When terminated, this will have instant effect. All remaining credit for referral will be paid out on request, see also § 5 - Conditions for payment. Notice of termination may be communicated via e-mail or written paper and will have immediate effect. After having received termination notice from e-conomic, referral partner agrees to stop exposing ads from e-conomic referral partner-program immediately. This includes, but is not limited to, removal of e-conomic advertisements, links, codes, etc. in all referral partners Internet and e-mail medias.

§ 12. Disputes
This contract is regulated by Danish law. In case of disputes, both parties will try to solve them in a peaceful and respectful manner. The place of jurisdiction in regards to disputes on the basis of this contract is Copenhagen (Denmark), where all eventual disputes shall be solved.

§ 13. Conditions
The conditions for e-conomic referral partner-program are available at any time for the referrals on the e-conomic website (partner.e-conomic.com). The conditions can be changed and/or extended by e-conomic according to customer needs or demands, development in the branch and/or national legislative conditions. The terms and conditions of this contract come into effect when confirmation and approval of cooperation from e-conomic is sent via e-mail to the referral. By entering the cooperation, the referral accepts the terms and conditions for e-conomic referral partner network. Approval of cooperation is limited to the specific referral partner websites and/or newsletters for which such approval relates. If partner wants to include new medias (websites, e-mail newsletters, etc) in the cooperation, or change the type of content on already approved websites or e-mail newsletters, written approval has to be given by e-conomic before campaigns are allowed to be exposed in those medias.

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