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About the Program


Referral Partner program – RPP - What is that?

The idea behind the referral partner program is easy: e-conomic receives new customers if you refer visitors of your website or readers of your Tweets, blogposts and facebook status upadates to e-conomic. We appreciate your effort and reward referrals with a commission of 80€ or 65£ per new customer.

How do I get started?

Clicking on BECOME A PARTNER lets you sign up to the program. Once signed up, you'll receive your partner link and access to your referral partner profile. Take your partner link and expose it to a maximum of people on your website, facebook profile, e-mails etc. 

When someone clicks on your link they will be directed to e-conomic's homepage. If he or she becomes a customer of e-conomic up to 90 days after clicking your link you will be credited with a sale. 

The message is simple: Get your partner link and get it out there!

How do we track YOUR referrals?

Easy! A click on your partner link saves a cookie on your visitor’s computer. The cookie allows to track all clicks, demos and actual sales made from your link. The purchase of e-conomic just has to happen within 90 days after the click in order to be credited to you - and credited to you means commissions in your pocket.

How much does that cost YOU?

Nothing! You only have to spend a little bit of your time in setting up an attractive referral; afterwards it is us who pay you. Also, signing up does not commit you to anything. You can sign up and unsubscribe anytime –anywhere.


Punch in your digits in the form below.

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About e-conomic
e-conomic is the online accounting software specially developed for small and medium-sized companies. It contains all the functions of traditional accounting systems - and a little more.